- Apeksha Rao

Right from the first time we met Rajeev to the time we closed the deal, it has been an exemplary experience for us as first time home buyers. Rajeev provided his valuable inputs on all houses we saw and his knowledge and experience of the local market makes him a great realtor. He patiently answered all our questions, gave us advise when asked and found us a home we really love. He and his team are very responsive and we are glad to have met Rajeev who was recommended to us by a friend and who we would definitely recommend to our friends !

- Niranjan

We are first time home buyers and it took a while for us to consolidate our preferences. Rajeev was always helpful and informative. He was never too pushy on any home which gave us a wide room to patiently find the best. He readily scheduled open homes for all the homes we were interested to look at . He was never hesitant to answer our queries and was always upfront throughout the process .He shared the comp analysis when we were ready to bid offer and provided valuable analysis on the offer price which helped us get our dream home. We happily recommend Rajeev for your home search too !

- Ambuj Srivastava

Rajeev is a thorough, experienced and knowledgeable professional with the best personal touch a person can demonstrate. He helped me purchase my dream home and helped all along right from being available any time of the day for my initial queries and showing me different properties in different cities. He drafted a great offer which not only got me my home but also additional benefits which I was not aware I could get. He is extremely approachable and always available including weekends and holidays :-). Even after an offer is accepted there are so many things to handle until the final closing and recording. He was there by my side throughout and helped to have a pleasing closure. He has all the right resources required in the process. I will highly recommend him as real estate agent and will be looking forward to use his service for now selling my old home as well. Thank you so much Rajeev !!!

- Keshav Pande

We are first time home buyers, completely new to the process and clueless about it. Thanks to Rajeev ,we are proud homeowners in the location we wanted and for the price we are comfortable with and everything worked out for us in the first offer itself!!! Rajeev was on a pre planned vacation during the offer process but he still allocated time for us and ensured we were putting the right offer by doing all the needed stuff, doing comp analysis and talking to the agent. When we hit a snag during negotiations, he worked with the seller and their realtor and allayed our doubts and fears at the same time and ensured we got the property. I really appreciate how patient he was throughout the process. He really did give us confidence that we are making the right decision for us. We thank our lucky stars, we found Rajeev. We are truly thankful and grateful to Rajeev for his exceptional services. We highly recommend him not only because he is the best in the business but is so empathetic and considerate to those who are new to the process!

- Sammi L.

Rajeev is very responsive and thorough with his follow up. Despite of the pandemic, he was able to coordinate stagers, photographer, and cleaners to get everything Rock n Roll. Rajeev is an outstanding realtor and he is the epitome of honesty and professionalism. We would highly recommend Rajeev to represent you for your real estate needs - no doubt you will be very happy with the results!

- Narayanana Palsena

Rajeev is a really good and confident person to work with. We are so glad that he was both our listing agent to sell our home in Pleasanton and also our buyers agent when we bought the home about 5 years back. He was awesome to work with as a buyers agent as well. In this 2020 market with all the pandemic issues, he helped us navigate the sale of our home, in an extremely smooth and assuring way. His contacts were excellent and the staging was very beautifully done, including a matterport and walkthrough video of the home which gave clients a detailed view of the home , even before they came to see it in person. In this tough market where open houses were not allowed, he marketed the home so well and we had over 20 private showings in just 2 weeks. He coordinated all aspects without any issues and with Rajeev's help , we sold our home in just a few weeks from listing. Rajeev was always courteous, very responsive, proactive and professional about how he handled every aspect of our sale from listing to staging to close of escrow. We would highly recommend Rajeev to anyone who wants to purchase/sell property in the Bay Area.

- Clara

I was a first time home buyer and the escrow is closed now. So, I now I can say I am a proud home owner in the heart of silicon valley. And Rajeev's contributions to my knowledge-base and the assistance he rendered during this difficult journey is really praise-worthy! Thank you Rajeev, without your cogent arguments and inspiring communication, I would not have taken this step of purchasing a home here in Santa

- Om Naraisimhan

Rajeev is the third real estate agent I worked with for my home purchase. Without going into details, I would like to say that the first two realtors I met did not find me a potential client. Then, I met Rajeev through a referral. He alleviated my concerns and assuaged my doubts and mended my hurt feelings. Then we started on searching for a house that matches my requirements.

We did consider and discuss a lot of houses and must have visited 15-20 houses (During Covid19, there were not many open houses. One needed permissions to enter any house on market). Every time Rajeev showed up with full of high-spirit and vigor and remained so even after multiple (different) house visits in a single day. He made it always before time despite this COVID situation. always made sure that I was satisfied with my looking around the house, always got accurate information on comparative prices and my set of questions about the property. Above all, within a few rounds of discussion, virtual tours and in-person visits, he accurately gathered what I was looking for and helped me articulate my own ideas. Big thanks, Rajeev!

In short, I highly recommend Rajeev's services. He is really knowledgeable on the matters of real-estate, possesses an agreeable persona, listens to the clients, works hard to meet the client's requirements, knows how to deal with the (often complicated) buyer's mind and above all, inspire a potential buyer to look for what he/she really wants -- not to settle with what is readily available on the market.

The last and most important point I want to state is his EXCEPTIONAL negotiation skills. He saved me a HUGE amount of money (after the offer was accepted). That was the icing on the cake of my home purchase!

I remain thankful to Rajeev for his exceptional services. He is one of the best realtors here and I would recommend him for any real-estate transactions in the bay area with absolutely no qualms whatsoever!

- Happy Buyer

Rajeev helped us find our dream home. It all happened faster then we expected. The home marked off all of the checkboxes, and we paid less than we originally budgeted. Do yourself a favor, and call Rajeev.

- Ravi Singh

Rajeev is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate professional. He has strong knowledge of the Bay Area real estate market and works hard to get the best possible property that meets your requirements. We had excellent experience working with him for a few residential investment properties. He negotiates the best deal and treats you as his most important client. I would highly recommend him.

- Happy Buyer

Rajeev, whom we contacted after a friend recommended him, helped us find the home we wanted. he tirelessly showed us various properties (he was amazingly patient for months) and guided us through all the details of buying a house. he was respectful and professional and can't recommend him enough.

We have used his services twice and we'll continue to use his service in the future. So we do highly recommend him :).

- Anupam D.

For first time home buyers like us, who met Rajeev after having disappointing experiences elsewhere. In the initial days before we went to contract, he took utmost care to be available any time for a home tour so that we did not miss an opportunity to make an offer in a timely manner (He responded to the home tour on a Wednesday at 30mins notice). When we bid on 2 different houses and were about to bid on 3rd, I noticed his market analysis was always on target. Once we got into a contract, Rajeev always listened to our requirements, concerns, and was always 1 phone call away. For a first time buyer, it makes a huge difference when your agent explains the daunting home buying process in simplified language. Although, what Rajeev did extremely well was, the way he handled negotiations (he requested for appliances without even us having to tell him to do that). Throughout the process, Rajeev seamlessly coordinated with everyone, including my loan officer (Rohit Mohan, another great guy to work with!). We felt very assured throughout the process and will recommend him to all our friends and family!

- Sid C.

I have known Rajeev for 10+ years. He has done multiple transactions for us as well as for a few of our family and friends. He is a best-in-class realtor who understands every aspect of the buying/selling process. Given that real estate transactions are probably the most valuable ones we will do in our lives, having a thorough professional like Rajeev guiding us every step of the way is a must-have.

- Nagaraj Bhat

Rajeev has in-depth knowledge of real estate. He gave me a lot of confidence much needed for a first-time buyer. Before contacting Rajeev I was doubtful about my readiness to buy a home in SF Bay Area. Interaction with him clarified a lot of doubts. He is a very friendly and knowledgeable Agent.

- Amit Shah

Rajeev is very knowledgeable and professional to work with. He made sure that as a client, I was well informed and I was getting the best bargain for my buck. He has always gone the extra mile to make sure as a client I get the best service and feel completely comfortable in the whole selling process. I will highly recommend him without any hesitation.

- Happy Client

Rajeev very friendly and hear your concerns and always there for us. He helped sell our Townhome again all odds @higher prices. He also helped to buy our current home.

- Pradeepta Dash

We had an amazing experience with Rajeev. He not only helped us get our current home but also with selling our previous home. He is extremely knowledgable about the local area, very patient and just an all-around great professional. Rajeev has not only worked with us but with 3 other friends and they all have had great experiences. I am not a first time home buyer, so I can completely recommend Rajeev to anyone looking to buy/sell a home.

- Happy Buyer

Rajeev is a very good agent for first time home buyers. He can guide you through the intricacies of the down payment process and what situation will result in bidding on a home. This is fairly important in the bay area market. I would highly recommend him for the east bay area market. Like any home-buying situation, you need to do your groundwork. But having an experienced agent can help first time buyers understand the market better and where to look for in your price range.

- Happy Buyer

I came to Rajeev after dealing with multiple real estate agents and builder agents. Right from the first meeting, he took the time to sit with us, understand our requirements and took us through the whole process of home buying. He personally came with us each time to each open house and helped us to understand the pros and cons of each property. His timely help and quick response to anything we need, we were able to take decisions quickly. we were able to finalize the house within 1 month of working with Rajeev. It is not just at the Time of home selection and the process, he is still helping us with any query we have with the house or any help we need in any matter with the property. He is an excellent agent you need to have to get your dream house.

- Aman Gill

He is a great RE agent. I have known him for 5+ years now. He goes the extra mile to earn your business. Always responsive and explains the RE questions you might have during your buying or selling. Very thoughtful and knowledgeable about RE business.

- Anu Mahendran

We are first time home buyers and Rajeev came out as highly recommended by one of our friends, who used his services to buy a house. Rajeev is a very hard-working, committed and an amiable person. He gathered our needs and helped us shortlist homes, schedule appointments with the sellers and proactively helped us in buying our house. We felt comfortable working with Rajeev and would highly recommend him to anybody that wants to buy a home.

- Happy Buyer

He is great. He assisted and help us until we got our first home. If we have questions, it's just 1 call or 1 text he immediately replies. He always available every time we check or see an open house he was always with us.

- Happy Seller

Rajeev was professional and effective, I had a great experience selling my home through his realtor services.

- Happy Buyer

Very nice working with Rajeev to find a home. I highly recommend you use his services!

- Happy Buyer

Hi is a very cooperative and friendly person. Great Realtor!

- Happy Buyer

This is our 2nd home purchase with Rajeev. He and his team are dedicated to achieving full client satisfaction with successful negotiation and closing. He is always there to answer any questions or address any concerns.

- Happy Seller

Rajeev and his team were very professional and promptly sold my condo above listing price. They were always accessible if I had any questions. In addition, he had good partners (e.g. contractors) which made the preparation/selling process smooth.

- Happy Buyer

It has been a rewarding experience to work with our realtor, Rajeev. From guiding us as a first time home buyer through the entire process to accompanying us to open houses Rajeev has been there every step of the way. We cannot say enough about his interpersonal and communication skills but they played a vital role in realizing our dream of owning a place we call home. Not only was he there as a realtor, but his team was extremely helpful throughout the loan process. We look forward to working with him and his team in the future and would definitely recommend anyone interested to contact him.

- Happy Seller

Rajeev's Professionalism is of no match, he went above and beyond. Will be glad to recommend him to friends and family at any time.

- Happy Seller

Rajeev sold my property in a week at my asking price. I highly recommend using him.

- Happy Buyer

Rajeev is an experienced agent and helped, educated us in every step of the process.

- Happy Buyer

Rajeev was professional, straight forward, friendly and accommodating, and provided step by step guidance! He made the process easy!

- Happy Buyer

He turned first time home buyers into homeowners. Hard-working and great communication.

- Happy Seller

GOAT = Greatest of All-Time. Rajeev created an excellent video showcasing my condo and got me a sale well over my asking price. If I'm buying/selling a home, I'm going to Rajeev.

- Sarfraz

I was working with him for 1 year and helped to get this house. Rajeev is a very helpful person. Thank You!

- Happy Seller

He handled all aspects of sale very professionally. He is very knowledgeable about the real estate business. My house was pending in a week. I use him for my real estate needs.

- Happy Seller

I am so glad to work with Rajeev for my property. He is not the only expert in selling the property but also sold my property above and beyond asking price. He is a one-stop-shop for all your needs to sell or buy any property. I will always give him 10 for his all courteous and professional service followed by the favorable results for his clients.

- Happy Buyer

Helped my family find our dream home. We are so happy!!!

- Happy Buyer

Rajeev made our home buying experience simply awesome. He really gave a lot of importance to our preferences house hunting process. We did not feel pressurized at any point to make a decision. His immense experience in the field and outstanding negotiation skills helped us buy the right house at the right price. He and his team did a great job communicating with the seller's agent and making overall the home buying experience very pleasant. I would definitely recommend Rajeev to my friends or acquaintances.